Can I redeem points for in-game items?

We have plans to add in-game items into our shop in the future.
Currently we only have PC games and gift cards.

How can I refer my friends?

Refer your friends by clicking here.
Copy the link and share it with your friends. For every person that signs up, you earn 2 points.
The link sign up is limited to 1 IP address. Do not make more than one account.

Are points transferable?

Points are not nontransferable between users. Never make more than one account.

What edition is the game?

All games are the base game unless stated otherwise. That means it does not include any DLCs.

How does it work?

By completing offers (such as doing surveys, watching videos, or downloading apps), you will earn points. When you earn enough points, you can go to our shop, and redeem any game or gift cards to your liking.
Points usually take 1-3 mins after offer completion.
All orders usually take 1-3 days after order have been placed.

Click HERE to learn how to activate a Steam key.
Click HERE to learn how to activate an Origin key.

My game code is not working?

All game code(s) sent will work.
Make sure you follow all instructions for redeeming your game code(s).

Click HERE to learn how to activate a Steam key.
Click HERE to learn how to activate an Origin key.

Where can I find my game codes?

When the order have been processed (usually within 1-3 business days), you will get an email with your game code(s).
You can also find all previous game code(s) under My Orders.
If you can not find your game code after 3 business days, contact us here.

The game I want is not here?

We have custom ordering for games we do not have.
Click here and fill out our form for custom ordering.
We allow most custom orders from platforms such as Steam, Origin, etc.

What if my offer didn’t credit?

Offers will only be credited if all requirements are done for the offer.
Most offer completions take 1-3 minutes to show. If 30 minutes pass, please contact our partners.

Contact OfferToro: Go to offerwall and select “My Points”.

Contact OfferDaddy: Go to offerwall and select “Account”.

Contact KiwiWall: Go to offerwall and select “My Earnings”.

Contact Wannads: Go to offerwall and select “?”.

How can I earn points?

Go to the menu bar and click EARN, or click here.
Choose one of our partners, follow the instructions and complete all requirements.
Points will show up 1-3 minutes after offer completion.